Júlia Bernet

Vins i caves

Xarel·lo d’Anyada


Harvest: 2012
Cellar: Júlia Bernet S.c.p.
Varieties with rates: 100% “Xarel·lo”.
Colour: Brilliant white.
Type of wine: Lightly and very aromatic wine.
Breeding: Breeding in bottle.
Denomination of Origin: DO Penedès


“Xarel·lo” from old vineyards situated on Ordal’s side lands, with low production per grapevine.

In cellar, it’s macerated at low temperature some hours and later it’s squeezed. After that it’s fermented for twice weeks at 13º or 14º.

In nose, its flavours are typical from “Xarel·lo”; apples, apricots and mature grapes.

In mouth, it’s lightly but also sweet-toothed and this characteristics it do appropriated for accompany anyone plate, fish, shellfish and also white fleshes.

Highlight: The closed circle of elaboration (From ours vineyards, ours wines; and from ours wines, ours caves).

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