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31 January 2014

We start the blog with an article talking about pruning. Just now as many of you know it’s time to pruning the vineyard. This activity may seem simple or without interest (the poles or branches are removed because the vine could grow more push next year)but it has its importance and the way they do can give results that can be quite palpable during the rest of the year and harvest.


DSC_0135If pruning is not done thinking about how you want to grow each vine (prioritizing some branches over others ) can make the plant even having maintained status ok doesn’t bear much fruit or it won’t has the capacity to make all their grapes ripen. Pruning optimizes growth and yield vine.


It is also interesting to prune when the plant no longer fit any blade to fall, it’s a sign that the plant is completely asleep and suffer as little as possible.


In addition, it has been studied and proven that there is more auspicious days to prune the vines. Knowledge of bio dynamic agriculture suggest pruning during phases of declining moon. Thus we don’t interrupt the wise in their upward journey through the plant.


In our country also have some sayings that refer to this activity and that relate very directly to a more or less prosperous harvest, here are some examples:


Qui no poda bé, ni la meitat de vi té” (Who doesn’t prune well, even half of wine has)

Sembra primerenc i poda tardà, i pa ni vi no et podrà fallar” (Sow early and late pruning, or bread and wine you can’t fail)

Poda tard i sembra aviat, i tot et serà grat” (Pruning and late planting soon, and all will be welcome)

Si el meu amo em poda al gener i em llaura al febrer, vergonya em farà si no li omplo el celler” (If my master prune me in January and plow me in February, I will be ashamed if I don’t fill his cellar)


Caves Júlia Bernet launches new website Espumosos Naturals
Caves Júlia Bernet launches new website
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