Júlia Bernet



Imatge Capçalera Vinyes

Ecological Farming

Throughout the year, the care we have of the vineyards is carried out through sustainable procedures and products that respect the environment, which has led us to be distinguished by the labeling of ecological farming.

Coastals of Ordal

Our vineyards are located on the skirts of the Ordal mountains, an area with a sharp slope and of difficult access, which gives us little grape production but with a different character to the rest of the Penedès

Field Notebook 2017/2018

- Pruning: From 14th november 2017 to 7th march 2018
- Fertilizing: From 22th to 26th january 2018
- Sulfuring: From 18th april 2018 - 4th july 2018
- Sulfating: From 26th april 2018 - 11th may 2018 - 28th may de 2018 - 8th june de 2018 - 21th june de 2018
- Harvest: From 25th august to 29th september 2018

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