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Vins i caves


9 May 2014

The good weather arrives and with it also the first shoots and leaves of our strains. The vineyard has started to work again and we have to get to work.


Any strain’ budding appearing this season despite being very pretty, we must pay attention and manage it. If it isn’t done, strains will become into a very convoluted branches and foliage bush that hardly will grow properly. Strain would cost to grow grapes due to the branches and leave’ lush, and probably it would have problems when it had to ripen the grapes , as excess of leaves makes it keep a lot of humidity overnight. This is dangerous because it can be a source of fungi that can attack both; the grape and the plant.


It is therefore important to clarify the strain as it grows, ensure good ventilation between the different branches and the grapes can grow without space problems, ripening well and cooler.



Neither is very good leaving strain without much leaves; the foul of leaves on the plant would can unable to make their processes properly and grapes suffers. On the way, the leaves help the grapes to keep them in the shade and a good temperature.


Reuse of oaths Start the harvest in Júlia Bernet
Reuse of oaths
Start the harvest in Júlia Bernet


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