Júlia Bernet


Brut Nature 60×40

BN 60X40 500

Production: After separate vinification of “Xarel·lo” and “Chardonnay” grapes, the cuvee is made up of 40% of “Xarel·lo” and 60% of Chardonnay grapes, then elaborated in the traditional method.

Aging: Minimum 36 months.

Taste: Very fine bubbles due to long aging. Unconventional, complex aroma which develops a variation of secondary flavours. On the palatal capturing with a hint of toasted aromas. Can be compared to Champagne.

Gastronomy: Ideal for all hearty meals.

Denomination of Origin: European Union Collective Brand CORPINNAT


Awarded in France once time in the “Effervescents du monde” with silver medal.

No sulphites, no export liqueur added. Carbonic gas well incorporated in the wine
The closed circle of elaboration (From ours vineyards, ours wines; and from ours wines, our CORPINNAT).

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