Júlia Bernet


Negre de Cos Maria

Maria N 500

Harvest: 2016
Cellar: Júlia Bernet S.c.p.
Varieties with rates: 65% “Merlot” + 35% “Cabernet Sauvignon”.
Colour: Intense Black.
Type of wine: Corpulent and persistent wine with very nice tannin.
Breeding: 1 year in barrel and later in bottle.


“Cabernet” and “Merlot” characterize its black body.

Low production per hectare and a prune “in green” at June, make it a great grape.

Long macerate and fermentation and a breeding in new France and American oaks barrels finish off in a great wine.

Leather flavours accompany all range toasted flavours, powered for a barrel’s breeding. Its structure is corpulent and persistent, with very nice tannin. It’s a good accompany for anyone type of flesh.

Highlight: The closed circle of elaboration (From ours vineyards, ours wines; and from ours wines, our CORPINNAT).

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