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Rosat Macerat Maria

Maria R 500

Harvest: 2017
Cellar: Júlia Bernet S.c.p.
Varieties with rates: 60% Merlot + 40% Ull de Llebre.
Colour: Red Cherry.
Type of wine: Fresh and very aromatic wine.
Breeding: Breeding in bottle.


Grapes from “Merlot” and “Ull de Llebre” varieties in their optimum point of maturation are macerated some hours as far as they get cherry’s colour wished. Later we lightly Squeeze them and ferment at low temperatures.

It leaves a feminine flavour from cherries, blackberries and in general from red fruits.

In mouth, it’s sweet-toothed and persistent.

This wine can accompany from best elaborated plates until most informal plates like pizzas, bread with tomato…

Highlight: The closed circle of elaboration (From ours vineyards, ours wines; and from ours wines, our CORPINNAT).

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